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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves


This change feels like coming into my own. For the past couple years, I have felt a disconnect between our brand and the core message of this company.


When I started Dallas Daws Designs, I was fresh out of college, influenced heavily by the branding of the time—thin lines, lowercase, "clean and modern" appearance. And it fit, for a while. When my hobby side business grew into a lasting company, a change was needed to reflect that.

My husband, Jordan (a talented graphic designer), was able to listen to my inspiration and motivation behind the rebrand and bring it to life. I've long admired vintage clothing, and have been fascinated with the idea that our clothing could be found in vintage shops decades from now. I wanted our clothing and branding to feel timeless and elegant—unaffected by current trends, and just as relevant many years from now as it is today.

With that in mind, Jordan hand-drew the custom font in an elegant serif with subtle detailing—and I set to work developing our packaging and labeling to pair with the new branding. As a packaging enthusiast, I wanted each piece to be worth saving, a memento of the love and care that has gone into each garment.

What emerged was an entire experience from the first moment you enter our site, to when you open and unpack your order, and everything in between. My hope is that our dedication will be more apparent now than ever, and that when you invest in one of our pieces, you know everything has been planned for down to the smallest detail.

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