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At home with

Madi Reimer

Madi Reimer is a Minneapolis-based creative who splits her time among many outlets, including working for non-profit venue Art House North, which centers around creative community for the common good, managing projects for her singer/songwriter aunt, Sara Groves, creating content for sustainable brands, and as of last year, working as the photography director for Truly Magazine.

Photos by Madi & Chace Reimer





Madi and I have known each other for a few years, and collaborated on several projects. She has a keen eye for beautiful storytelling through her images, which has always been an inspiration. As she is shortly entering motherhood and in the midst of beautiful life changes, I wanted to take the time to catch up for our new At home with series. 


Describe any current morning rituals:

Every morning, I go to Barre3 Edina to start off my day with stretches and movement. Then I’ll come home and eat eggs or a smoothie bowl. I tend to have more evening rituals, however! I love a long evening routine to settle my headspace for the following day. 


How have you been practicing self care during this pandemic, while also navigating pregnancy for the first time? What does self care mean to you?

I feel like I have embraced self care in a new and powerful way this year. I often tell my therapist I’m the self care queen. With the world on reset, I finally had time to disconnect and take care of myself. I listen to my body in what it needs — maybe I need a bath, a face mask, to simply sit and breathe, to read, to meditate, to play sudoku (not on my phone. I have a little book by my bed), to take supplements, drink a green smoothie, to use essential oils and diffuse them all around the house, or to give myself a temple/neck massage with oils or a gua sha. I feel better after these things.

I’m curious what self care will be like with a child... whatever the wind blows when that time comes! When I’m cared for, I have more energy to love and care for others. 


As we've all been spending a lot more time at home, how has your home evolved to accommodate this routine?

I’ve worked from home before this year, so I still am just plowing away on my computer at the kitchen table most days. I have a very small home, so I don’t have an office. We’ve been nesting however, redoing our bathroom, and prepping for bb girl. Her little nursery is just the cutest.


You've talked a lot about how your journey to motherhood has been a life-changing experience, can you describe in what ways this experience has been shaping you?

It’s been a miracle and a wonder to feel this little person within me. This is a human being growing, wiggling, and kicking around since day one, and I never knew I would feel so connected to my body like this before. I have been the caretaker of this little person these last 9 months, and will be for the next 18 years.

It’s transformed my mind in how I see myself and my body, and how I want to influence my children as a mother. Been really working through what I want to keep and let go from how I was raised. It’s just been a really empowering season. I feel like a goddess and like I’ve stepped into this new phase of the divine feminine. 


You are a strong advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion, what do you look for when you shop?

I research every brand I wear. If something isn’t stated on their website about their efforts for sustainable/ethical fashion, I send them an email or message requesting that information. I stay away from fabrics like viscose, rayon, and polyester because they’re basically plastic, and the way they were made harmed the planet (plus, it’s not even comfortable fabrics). I look for linen and 100% cotton, where the garments are made, and the process behind production. A lot of times, the garment workers aren’t paid a livable wage. I want to support companies that are doing good for the planet and for the people. 


What influences your style, and what do you reach for when you get dressed?

First of all, I’ve realized this year I’ve become super particular about fabric and the quality of it. I don’t have any desire for fast fashion clothing because of how horrendous the fashion industry is, but practically speaking, the fabrics all feel horrible on my skin and don’t last! I tried to find a quick, desperate outfit this summer for something, and ended up returning it because it was falling apart after one wear and was super not breathable and poorly made. You can’t beat sustainable clothing.

I look for clothing that is well made literally, and through the whole production process. From there, I pick and choose what style I love. I want something timeless but also fun that expresses who I am. I’m influenced by myself, and what I’m feeling. My go-tos before pregnancy were a solid pair of jeans, mules and a simple tee. However, with pregnancy, it’s dresses dresses dresses.


Does motherhood change your approach to style?

It’s changed in the fact that I’ve basically only been wearing dresses, but the essence of who I am still is there. I worked really hard to find clothing that was ME, and would last longer than a pregnancy season.

I’m not sure what I’ll be like when I’m a mother. I’m trying to build a practical and cozy “at home” wardrobe for those first forty days of resting with babe, but after that, I really have no idea what I’ll wear or how my body will change. I’m up for the mystery!


Describe how you style the Paloma Shirt to blend into your daily life:

I have been wearing it as a cozy shirt around the house while pregnant. But I am primarily wanting it for postpartum!! I am so excited to breastfeed with it. My hope is I fit into at least one pair of my jeans by winter, so I can wear it tucked in with a sweater and boots. I do miss a nice high rise denim with a tucked-in shirt!!


What are you currently reading or listening to?

I'm reading The First Forty Days, which is based upon the rest period after baby is born. It’s really beautiful how it talks about older practices in other cultures, in how they took care of the mother postpartum, and applying those practices to today.

I also love Taylor Leonhardt’s album River House. So calming and peaceful. 


Share your current favorite Dallas Daws pieces:

  1. The Silk Scrunchie of course. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear it every single day. Best scrunchie ever. Have had them for a few years.
  2. The Della Pant. I love this pant for transitional/warmer weather when you don’t want to wear jeans!
  3. The Della shorts. Great for summer, and such a simple staple.
  4. The Paloma Shirt.
  5. The Wynnie Top. 

Madi wears the Paloma Shirt in Almond, the Della Shorts in Black, the Silk Scrunchie in Sage (coming soon), and the Silk Neckscarf. Shop her picks below.


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