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The Terre Collection

Paul Swanson, Desert Tones, 2007

Our upcoming collection was derived from rich, warm, earthy desert hues and structured silhouettes. Where rough, unforgiving terrain meets soft, expansive skies.


Signs of life peek out from dried,
desolate land. Desert Bluebells
were not only an inspiration for the
color pallet, but also inspired the
gathering, soft sleeve detail found
in our Anais Top.


Doug Aitken's Mirage 2017 installation. Informed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, blending nature and architecture. We were inspired by this blend, all at once a stark contrast and a seamless blend with the landscape. The Terre collection marries land and sky, crisp pleats and sharp angles with soft gathered sleeves and flowing silhouettes.




Blue, the color of the sky and sea, symbolizes depth and stability. It is shown to be beneficial to the mind and body, creating a sense of calm.

Lapis Lazuli as a stone has properties that encourage self-awareness and self-expression.



As always, we draw from Georgia O'Keefe. O'Keefe's timeless art and iconic personal style were inspired by the landscape around her. She was utilitarian, once writing that blue jeans "are our only national costume."



A peek at our Terre Collection, with colors such as Salt, Tobacco,
Lichen, and Sage, with a pop of Lapis blue.




The Terre Collection is coming soon. We look forward to showing you more, as soon as curve flattens and we are able to safely shoot the line. Thank you, as always, for your support and interest in our upcoming collection!


1. Paul Swanson, Desert Tones. 2007.

2. Stella Sherwood Vosburg, (1869–1943) Phacelia campanularia ssp.vasiformis, Desert Bells, Mojave Desert. 1929. Watercolor on paper.

3. Doug Aitken's Mirage for Desert X.

4. Georgia O'Keeffe, Blue Lines X. 1916. Watercolor on paper.

5. Laura Gilpin, Georgia O'Keeffe. 1953.

6. Peek of our Terre Collection.

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