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Inspired By You

by Dallas Daws |

Let’s talk about inspiration. How do I get inspired to create clothing? The answer is complex, but to make it simple—I’m inspired by you. Last week, I mentioned that I enjoy thinking about the ways each individual will wear these pieces, and the life that each will live in your hands. I am driven to make clothing that will serve multiple purposes and can be worn in many circumstances, taking you from work, to an evening out, to a night home.

With each new order, I ask myself, who is this woman? What gap is my clothing filling in her wardrobe? What will she be doing when she wears this piece? 

Inspiration comes from my fascination with women who work with their hands. Incredibly talented artists, craftswomen, gardeners, and more. The Billie Jumpsuit and June Pant, made from cotton canvas, were created to withstand rougher use, cut to be flattering, yet functional. The seams were topstitched for added durability, all of our fabric washed and pre-shrunk. I look forward to finding more ways to best serve women working in those fields and more.

Our Fall/Winter 2016 line was founded around the idea of dressing the office woman. The tired look of pantsuits has long been in need of an update, so I stuck to neutral colors, lots of black, and fabrics that could take you from the office to happy hour. The silk tops could be easily layered, the wool duster and jacket thrown over. When you're too busy to think about what you put on everyday, these pieces are easy to grab time and again.

More than anything, I want our current items to be able to be worn with our previous items, for you to build your wardrobe and know that what you get will complement what you have. As I type this, I'm wearing the Lotte Top from Winter 2016 with the Sloan Duster from this Fall/Winter collection. As we continue with new goals and greater purpose, I will continue to draw inspiration from you. I want to create clothing that works as hard as you—as well as pieces that take all the work out of deciding what to throw on. Our Spring/Summer installment will include lots of linens, cottons, and silks—breathable, versatile pieces perfect for the beach or an evening patio dinner, and everything in between.