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Last Chance Sale

It's been awhile since we've had a sale section on the site, due largely to the fact that our collections are not meant to be temporary. The last collection was released over a year ago, and since then, I've had the opportunity to see what was working and what was not.

We're putting the finishing touches on the newest collection, arriving this spring, and are about to release our extended sizing, so to make room, we will be having a last-chance sale on pieces that will be discontinued. There will be a 30% discount on all sale items, no code necessary. You'll find last-chance in the Sale category.

Below is a guide to what is being discontinued, and if you can expect a replacement down the road.

Older pieces:

We will be discontinuing the Sloan Duster and Reid Jacket. These have been around the longest, and while the Sloan Duster is still fairly popular, I have plans for another duster, hopefully to be released this fall, along with other cozy wool pieces. The Lotte Top will also be discontinued. I hope to work with raw silk again in the future, but it hasn't made sense to keep one item with this fabric.

Linen collection:

The Sloan Jacket and Flora Skirt will both be leaving the site permanently. The Wynnie Top will be getting an update, so this is the last opportunity to purchase the current version. A new version will be released with the extended sizing.

We will also be discontinuing the Indigo linen. We plan to add a new linen color eventually, but for now, we would like to simplify what we offer. 

Silk collection:

While I adore the Liv series, these were the least popular items in the collection. It's possible they'll return at some point, but for now, both the Liv Dress and Liv Tunic will be discontinued, along with the Nola Skirt.

We will also be discontinuing the Ochre silk color. If you've had your eye on anything in that color, now is the time to purchase. We will keep Ochre Silk Scrunchies around until all scrap fabric is used up, so for now, those are not part of the sale.

The sale runs through 2/15. No other discounts will work with sale items. Any sale pieces sold are final sale, no returns or exchanges. Everything is still made to order, so if you need any adjustments to fit, just email us at info@dallasdaws.com, and we can help you out!