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Molly May McMahan

Molly styles the Freya Camisole in Black.Molly styles the Freya Camisole in Black.

I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Molly for the past year or so to help perfect the fit of my extended sizing. Molly and I met at a local event, she and her husband selling their gorgeous ceramics (NICE NICE). I was just drawn immediately to her bubbly personality and amazing style. She is out-of-this-world talented and kind — I'm delighted to have her as my latest muse.

All images by Molly and Johnne.

Tell me about you, all the things you do, work on, create, etc.

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to use my voice and experiment in so many different medium. I’m a career User Experience Designer. I host a podcast with Matriarch Digital Media, called MollyMay+, which is a body-positive podcast sharing my experiences and living life in my fat body and finding great joy in it.

My husband, Johnne, and I operate NICE NICE Ceramics, a collaborative pottery project. I am a passioned hobby photographer, newly obsessed with tie-dyeing anything and everything, and cultivate the sweetest joy from being an auntie to five darling littles.


When do you feel most inspired?

I feel most inspired after exchanging energy with my humans, an impassioned white-boarding brainstorm session with coworkers, seeing expansion in a vibrational color story, and driving with the windows down. When I’m truly inspired, I can’t sit still. As a truly impulsive person, I tend to execute on the idea immediately. Whether that’s making lists, to FaceTime discussions of “what iffffff….” to pixel pushing. I don’t just sit well. I’m learning to learn to be better at that.

Tell me about what influences your style, and what you like to reach for when you get dressed.

I’m an absolute mood dresser. I’ve tried the Marie Kondo solution to my closet, and it just doesn’t work for me. I need variances in color, texture, silhouette, etc. A go-to win for me is always a form-fitting t-shirt dripping with jewelry.


Molly's dog, Rosie

Do you have any daily rituals that have been grounding you or uplifting you during this time?

My nephews have built a fairy house, and I’ve been making a point to visit it each night and leave them a treat as the fairy paying rent. It’s exploded quite a bit, as this weekend they installed a sewer system with sticks. It feels good to get in my car every day, and have a semblance of that routine. It’s something I HAVE to do, that also gives me great joy and a connection to those I miss most.

What are you passionate about, and how does that influence you in your day-to-day?

Cultivating joy. In any arena; in the conference room at work, alone in my at home studio, anywhere. I have found this mantra has also helped me wholly show up as myself in any situation. There was a time in my life where there was a party Molly, and a work Molly, and a freelance Molly, and a student Molly. Through harvesting joy, I’ve been able to join those versions of myself, and live more harmoniously, and with more purpose.


"Through harvesting joy, I’ve been able to join those versions of myself, and live more harmoniously, and with more purpose."


How do you practice self care?

God. Self care is hard. And it means soooo many different things to different people. Self care is much more than a face mask. Self care is investing in myself. Self care is finding my peace through my spirituality practice (I can’t wait to go back to Sacred Space), and properly making time for ME. I have a secret space I like to visit at least a few times a week with my dog, Rosie. It’s secluded, and when I’m there, I can just be. I don’t take my phone. I just am. It’s become a new way of meditating for me. It’s a gift of time, a gift of stillness, a gift to just LOOK and appreciate and give gratitude. I’ve really learned in this time how rejuvenating just sitting in nature is for me.

What are your most played songs currently?

Early on in the stay-at-home order, my high school friends and I had a Zoom dinner party, and we made a playlist together. It really became a gorgeous journey through mood and emotion, starting from Snoop Dogg hype, to a middle ground of moody Cat Stevens, and ending on a high note with Bohemian Rhapsody. I’ve played it multiple times per week during all of this, and it’s been a consistent win.

A final note:

Due to COVID, we have been delaying our photoshoot (featuring Molly) for current pieces in extended sizing, as well as the next collection — but know we are all so excited to share it with you as soon as possible.

Thank you for supporting our small business since 2014! We are taking an extended pause, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know any further details.