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The Linen Collection

by Dallas Daws |

We are doing things a bit differently—taking another step away from the traditional clothing season model. What started out as just another Spring/Summer 2017 collection slowly evolved into something more lasting. Not long ago, we incorporated a Signature collection of favorites from past seasons. We will still continue this, and favorites will evolve over time. But we wanted to release collections that have less to do with current seasons, and more to do with how you wear them—year-round.

Which brings us to the launch of our Linen Collection. This includes past favorites, with fit upgrades—like our Wynnie Top—or complete overhauls with inspiration drawn from past items—like our Mae Crop or Della Pants. We have found linen that is high-quality, durable, and re-orderable, which is a shift in how we have purchased fabric in the past. This linen is heavier than our previous linen, a true medium-weight with body and softness that develops over time as you wear and wash. You’ll have these pieces in your closets for years to come. 

The pieces in this collection are versatile, complete with a jacket, pants that come with different hem lengths for more accessibility for our taller and shorter customers, as well as tops and a skirt that can be layered to wear in any season. We incorporated classic fit with subtle details to keep these basics looking fresh. 

Linen is light and breathable during the summer, but lofty enough to keep you warm in the cooler months. Our Sloan jacket, named after our Sloan duster because of the scoop pockets, can be worn as a summer jacket on a cool night, or as an outer layer as the temps begin to drop in early fall. It’s light enough to layer under coats in the winter, and the sleeves can be rolled up to change up the look. Our Della Pants are meant to hit above the ankle, but if you prefer a full-length pant, choose a longer inseam. Pockets have moved to the side seams for our pant and skirt, an essential feature that doesn’t detract from the style.

As for the future of our collections, we will explore other fibers, likely creating silk and wool collections in the future—separate from the typical fashion calendar. From there, we will continue to add new pieces to each collection. The goal isn’t to create pieces that are obsolete after one season of wear, so we will continue to develop more pieces slowly, perfecting fit and fabric before releasing to you. We can’t wait to see what you think!