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Thea Pant – Olive
Thea Pant – Olive
Thea Pant – Olive
Thea Pant – Olive
Thea Pant – Olive

Silk Crepe

Thea Pant – Olive


The dressier sister pant to our popular Della Pant, the Thea Pant features front and back pleats and a wider leg—allowing the buttery silk crepe to drape. Includes in-seam pockets and an elastic waist for ease of wear.

To accommodate different heights and allow you to choose the style that fits you best, we are offering the Thea Pant in five different lengths. We love the look of just-above-the-ankle wide-leg pants, but they also work well as full-length trousers. 


100% Silk Crepe
French seams


Extra Short: 23" inseam
Short: 25" inseam
Regular: 27" inseam
Long: 29" inseam
Extra Long: 31" inseam


XS: 13"
S: 13.25"
M: 13.5"
L: 13.75"
XL: 14"


Hand wash / machine wash cold with like colors
Hang to dry or tumble dry low
Find more care instructions below

Made in US from imported material

Please note, this item is made to order and will ship in 2–3 weeks.


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How to measure:

Bust: Measure around the fullest part of your chest, under your arms.
Waist: Measure around the smallest part of your waist.
Hip: Measure around the fullest part of your hips, usually about 10" below your waist.

Hold the tape so it is snug, but not tight.You should be able to fit a finger under the tape. Unless otherwise specified, our clothing generally has a more relaxed fit, and is not intended to fit snugly. If you desire a fit other than how it is pictured on the model, size up or down accordingly.







28 – 30"

 21 – 23"

 31 – 33"


31 – 33"

24 – 26"

34 – 36"


34 – 36"

27 – 29"

37 – 39"


37 – 39"

30 – 32"

40 – 42"


40 – 42"

33 – 35"

43 – 45"


43 – 45"

36 – 38"

46 – 48"


46 – 48"

39 – 41"

49 – 51"


49 – 51"

42 – 44"

52 – 54"


52 – 54"

45 – 47"

55 – 57"







































































We put a lot of consideration into the production of our garments, making them to last years of wear. But well-loved pieces should also be cared for properly to help them last longer. Here's how to keep your Dallas Daws pieces looking fresh for years to come.


Our cotton poplin and typewriter cloth pieces can be cared for the following ways:

1.     Hand wash. Wash by hand in cool water, with like colors, using a gentle detergent. Press out excess water gently, do not wring. Hang to dry. Steam or iron as needed to soften the fabric.

2.     Machine wash. Unbutton your shirt or pants and turn inside out. Buttoned clothing can cause loosening of buttons. Wash in cold water with like colors, on a gentler cycle. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low.

3.     Dry clean. This is not a preferred method, but If you would rather dry clean, we recommend you only use a green dry cleaner.

4.     Other care. Cotton can be ironed to achieve a crisp finish. A high setting with steam is effective at removing wrinkles. Start by pressing the collar then move down the button placket. Using a sleeve board, if you have one, unbutton the sleeve cuff and press, creasing the sleeve pleats gently. Finish with the body and hem.


All of our linen pieces are sent to you laundered. We wash them after they're sewn so they are pre-shrunk and the seams are set. For a lived-in look, we suggest caring for it in the following way:

1.     Machine wash. Linen is strong when wet, so it handles machine washing well. It also softens up beautifully over each wash and dry cycle. Wash in cold water with like colors and tumble dry on low. Iron with steam as needed.

2.     Hand wash. These pieces can also be cared for any other way you choose. If you'd like a crisper look, they can be hand washed with a gentle detergent and hung to dry.

3.     Other care. Linen is easily steamed or ironed to remove any wrinkles and help achieve a more polished look. Press pockets, along side seams, and around armholes, necklines, and hems, using a generous amount of steam.



There are a few ways to care for your silk pieces.

1.     Hand wash. This will preserve the color longer, as well as the texture. Simply hand wash in cold water with a delicate detergent, with like colors, and hang to dry.

2.     Machine wash. For a more lived-in look, you can machine wash. The texture will soften over time and colors will fade slightly. Wash in cold water with like colors, and either hang dry or tumble dry on low.

3.     Dry clean. If you prefer to dry clean, this will keep the fabric looking pristine. We recommend you only use a green dry cleaner with this method.

4.     Other care. Silk can feel stiff after hanging to dry, but can easily be softened. Using an iron on steam setting or a steamer can soften and get any wrinkles out.


Wool & Blends

There are a couple ways to care for your wool & wool blend pieces.

1.     Hand wash. This is the preferred method. Hand-washing will preserve the texture, and can help it soften over time. Simply hand wash in cold water with like colors, and hang to dry. If you are sensitive to wool, you can use The Laundress detergent, wool-specific detergent or add a few drops of conditioner to soften your wool.

2.     Dry clean. Dry cleaning wool will keep the fabric looking pristine. We recommend you only use a green dry cleaner with this method.

3.     Other care. Wool blends can be steamed or pressed on medium heat with steam to soften any wrinkles and keep it looking polished. Too high of a heat can cause a shine to appear on the fabric, or can even burn.

4.     Note. Machine-washing wool or wool blends can cause the tightening of the fibers, known as felting. This can cause shrinkage, even without heat, and should be avoided.


General Laundering Tips

Most clothing does not need to be laundered every wear, or even every other wear. Wash clothing only when it is dirty, and use cold water when you do.

1.     To make your clothing last longer between washes, spot clean by dabbing with gentle soap, cool water, and a wash cloth.

2.     In between washes, steam or iron clothing on appropriate setting, and hang by an open window or outside, out of direct sunlight, to freshen up.

3.     Remove sweat stains and odors with a 2:1 water and vinegar solution; soak for 10-20 minutes, and rinse.

    4.     Hang to dry when possible, but if using a dryer, add a few wool dryer balls to cut down on dry time and wrinkles, and dry on the lowest possible heat setting for the shortest amount of time.

    (Pro tip: add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to the wool dryer balls for a natural, fresh scent.)


    Stain Guide

    1.     Try to treat as soon as possible, without allowing the stain to dry, if you can.

    2.     Oil. Dab with corn starch or baking soda and let sit a few minutes to absorb. Apply detergent directly to the stain and throw in the wash.

    3.     Coffee + tea. Rinse from the back with cold water. Blot with a soap or detergent, and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water. If needed, use a 2:1 water and vinegar mixture and scrub at stain.

    4.     Wine. Rinse from the back with cold water. Apply salt and hydrogen peroxide or baking soda and vinegar to the stain, and let rest for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water.

    5.     Blood. Treating as soon as possible can really make a difference. Always flush the stain from the back with cold water. Apply hydrogen peroxide and allow to soak for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly and launder.

    6.     Vinegar can whiten and brighten, as well as remove odors. Add 1/2 cup to your cycle — it can also act as a fabric softener.

    7.     Salt helps remove fresh, wet stains, and can also be used to keep colors bright. It’s often used as a fixative in natural dyeing.



    Gentler on clothing in general, this will keep your clothing looking fresh longer, with proper care.

    1.     When washing your clothing by hand, soak your pieces for at least 20 minutes to help loosen dirt and draw out odors.

    2.     Wash with like colors, using a gentle detergent (we prefer free & clear versions, but you can use what you have on hand).

    3.     Press out excess water gently, do not wring. You may also choose to roll it in a towel to soak up extra water.

    4.     Hang to dry, either on a line or on a hanger. Avoid thin metal or non-treated wood hangers, especially on light-colored clothing.

    5.     Steam or iron as needed to soften the fabric.



    Caring for your clothing mindfully should include mending wear & tear to ensure a longer lifespan.

    1.     Buttons. Extra buttons are provided for the inevitable popped button. Buttons can be sewn by hand easily.

    i. Tie off a double-threaded needle. Push the needle through the back, and loop through the holes, making an X if there are four holes. With a four-hole button, loop through each cross twice. With a two-hole button, loop through each hole three times.

    ii. On the last hole, bring the needle through the hole, pulling the thread between the button and the shirt. Wrap the thread around the stitches 3-4 times.

    iii. Push the needle through the back of the fabric and tie off to create a stronger hold for your button.

    2.     Small holes can be mended by closing up the hole with thread. You may choose to do this with a matching thread, or opt for a pop of color. Make a small X, or loop the thread around the sides of the hole to close.

    3.     Larger holes can be darned in a way that can closely match the garment, or stands out as added character, depending upon preference and type of garment.

    i. Cut a piece of fabric that closely matches your garment, large enough to completely cover the hole. Place this on the inside of the hole.

    ii. Using a sewing machine, stitch across the hole in several directions, until the patch is secure and the hole is completely covered by the thread. This works well on denim with matching thread. It blends more with the twill texture.

    iii. Tears or longer, thinner holes can be sewn together with either a needle and thread or a machine. Fold the two right sides of the hole together and stitch around the hole, tapering off on either side. This will create a small dart, closing the hole.


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      We will ship made-to-order items within our lead-time, which is currently 2-3 weeks, and you will be notified upon shipment.

      Thea Pant – Olive

      Thea Pant – Olive


      Natural Fibers

      Natural fibers, such as silk, linen, cotton, and wool, are more sustainable for the environment, as they are naturally biodegradable. The feel and wear is better than synthetic imitations, and if taken care of properly, can last many years.

      Ethical Production

      In order to ensure that we have control over as much of the production process as possible, including the ethical treatment of garment workers, our clothing is produced in-house. This includes creating the design, testing the fit, and sewing your Dallas Daws piece.

      Eco-Friendly Packaging

      We're committed to sustainability, from the fibers we use, to limiting waste in production, to packaging each order. Our packaging materials include biodegradable and sustainable materials. Please reuse and recycle or compost your packages!